Our Purpose

Our Purpose: To help people achieve their dreams and aspirations, by putting customers' needs first and providing the right advice and solutions.

Our Character

Customers count on our financial strength and stability to help them achieve their goals.

Customers trust us to keep every promise we make.

Customers rely on Manulife for the right advice and solutions, and we deliver.

Forward Thinking
We anticipate each customer’s unique needs to deliver innovative, comprehensive, and thoughtful advice and solutions.

Our Strategy


Develop more holistic and long-lasting customer relationships.

Continue to build and integrate our global wealth and asset management businesses.

Leverage skills and experiences across our international operations.

Our Critical Behaviours: Our Culture


We work as one:  And because we do, we are unified and focused in helping our customers.

We question and innovate: And because we do, we deliver solutions that meet our customers’ changing needs.

We own our future: And because we do, when we make a promise to our customers, we keep it.