/ Published 9:45 AM EST / Tamara George

Working the world: 5 benefits of going with a global employer

Jok Enriquez Operations analyst Jok Enriquez has been with Manulife Asia for over six years. This past April, he made the move from Manila to Boston for an exciting new role. We talked to him about his experience – and about the five biggest benefits of working for a company with an international presence.


1. Professional growth
“Working for a global organization was always important to me,” he says. “Having the chance to work in the U.S. is an incredible opportunity to learn different processes, meet people from all over the world and deepen my knowledge.”

The experience has helped Jok grow, and has benefited his colleagues as well. Not only is he learning a great deal during his time in Boston, he is sharing his own knowledge and perspective from our Asia operations with his new U.S.-based team.

2. A chance to see the world
Working for a global company affords incredible opportunities to explore different cultures.

“I’ve never been to the US – people have been very kind and accommodating,” he says. “The culture hasn’t been too hard to get accustomed to – the Philippines was an American colony until the early 1900s, so the customs and foods are familiar. It’s easy to feel at home.”

In addition to exploring everything Boston has to offer, Jok plans do some travelling across the U.S., including two quintessentially American experiences: Las Vegas and Disney World in Orlando.


3. Being part of a company that celebrates diversity
A company that has offices around the world is necessarily one that embraces diversity in its workforce. And Manulife isn’t just about being culturally diverse – we also have numerous programs and associations that focus on inclusiveness across the board.

“John Hancock is located in a city that’s a real melting pot, and their business culture really reflects that. They have diversity programs in place – among other initiatives that allow me to improve myself both personally and professionally.”


4. Bringing best practices home
Jok is looking forward to sharing what’s he’s learned in the US with his colleagues in Manila.

“Working at John Hancock, I’ve learned so many new things,” he says. “I can definitely take that knowledge with me back to the Philippines to help make our processes more efficient and improve the way we work.”


5. Tremendous support and motivation

Like many global players, Manulife understands the benefits of having people work internationally. Global employees build valuable cross-geographic relationships that boost efficiency. And employees with first-hand knowledge of different markets bring a diversity of thought and perspective, an appreciation of other cultures, and an understanding of the competitive landscape across our operations.

That’s why Manulife helps relocating employees in a variety of ways. The company assisted Jok with everything he needed, including visa details, flight booking, tax consultation, finding an apartment, location orientation and more. All the help has made him feel supported and set up for success in his new role.

“When you know Manulife is 100% behind you, you can really focus your energy on your job,” he says.


A little advice
We asked Jok what advice he would share with others who might be thinking of pursuing a global opportunity.

“Go in prepared,” he says. “Study the culture, people and the place ahead of time. Make sure you give yourself enough time to do all the paperwork. And never be afraid of change. It’s hard at the beginning, but you’ll regret not taking the opportunity.”


Work the world with Manulife
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