Corporate Governance

Our commitment to good governance

We’ve built our company on the foundations of accountability, fairness and transparency — core values that govern the way we do business at every level and across every division.

We believe that excellent corporate governance is critical to our long-term success — for us, our shareholders and our customers. Our board of directors sets the tone at the top, promoting a strong culture of integrity and ethical behaviour throughout our entire organization.

Contacting the board of directors

Our board of directors believes that it is important to have regular and constructive engagement directly with shareholders to allow and encourage shareholders to express their views on governance and other matters directly to the board outside of the annual meeting. The board also encourages shareholders to participate at our annual meetings and to contact our independent directors through the office of the Chairman.

Chairman of the Board 
Manulife Financial Corporation
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Toronto, Canada M4W 1E5
Fax: 416-926-3041